November 3, 2022

9th Edition: The NFT Pass for Unbreakable Spartans

Blockchain technology is changing the obstacle course racing (OCR) industry. Founded in 2007 by Joe De Sena, the Spartan Race started as a 48-hour endurance event. The first Spartan Race event was held in 2010 in Vermont. Over 500 people had to run, crawl, jump, and swim to overcome the obstacles and reach the finish. Gradually, the event became so popular that in 2013, Universal Sports broadcasted a special on the Spartan Race World Championship.

In 2015, the NBC network approved the sports entertainment series Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge. The show focused on creating teams of five that have to overcome multiple obstacles, including the tire swing, the barrel roll, or the slip wall.

Thanks to its popularity, the Spartan Race brand has been franchised to dozens of countries, widening people’s access to multiple race series, such as:

  • Spartan Sprint: An off-road short-distance trail with 20 obstacles.
  • Spartan Super: A running trail that includes up to 30 obstacles.
  • Spartan Beast: A rugged track featuring up to 35 obstacles.
  • Spartan Ultra: This trail has over 60 obstacles.
  • Spartan Trail: Offers people the possibility to explore America’s wilderness over 10k and a half marathon distances.
  • And more

Nowadays, the Spartan Race includes over 450 races in more than 45 countries. And that’s not all.

In 2022, the OCR company entered the web3 world by offering 15,000 NFT passes, from which 300 NFTs will be randomly selected as “Super Rare” passes.

Launched in September, people could buy the Unbreakable Pass for $2,700. However, the price increased to $3,000 and will grow incrementally until the first week of January 2023, when the offer ends. People can purchase the Unbreakable pass with a credit card and Ethereum.

Buying the NFT gives its owners three years of access to all Spartan events. Also, the pass holders will have exclusive access to Unbreakable Merch drops, which will happen in 2023.

Moreover, as the Spartan’s website indicates: 

“Those who are worthy enough to mint an UNBREAKABLE PASS will have their name live on forever. A first of its kind statue has been approved in Ancient Sparta on behalf of Spartan, paying homage to the Spartan 300. This 35 ft statue will have all 15,000 original passholders names enshrined at the entrance of the Memorial statue, starting with the 300 “Super Rare” passholder names and followed by the remaining 14,700 passholders. As an added bonus, each holder of a “Super Rare” will also get a physical miniature replica of the statue that will be built in Sparta.”

The 300 extra-special pass-holders can have their ashes scattered near the 35-foot-tall statue dedicated to Spartans.

Unbreakable Pass will also include perks such as:

  • Sparta’s first NFT Airdrop, created by a world-renowned artist: As the company indicates, “This can become your very own Spartan avatar for social profiles or to identify yourself with as a Spartan. You can also choose to sell or trade this NFT on the secondary market.”
  • Be Unbreakable Event for pass holders only. Joe DeSena will host the multi-day event at a mystery location. This event will include a meet and greet with the Founder, training sessions with pro athletes, trying new obstacles, and more.
  • Extras: VIP treatment for selected events, VIP areas, and special recovery tents.
  • Future benefits: To be announced later.

It’s worth noting that compared to other sports memberships, the Unbreakable Pass NFT can be easily sold on OpenSea. In other words, if pass holders change their minds, they can trade their Spartan NFTs on the marketplace. This would be impossible with a regular membership.