Use NFTs at Your Events

Generate Memorable Emotions and Connect With Your Attendees

Redefine how you engage with your attendees—mint and sell NFT tickets and NFT certificates. Leverage NFTs and digital property to create unique emotions, ensure high engagement, and make your event memorable years after it’s over.


What’s a Non-fungible Token?

First things first: What’s a non-fungible token or an NFT?

Non-fungibility refers to a unique unit that can’t be replaced with something else. For example, you can’t exchange diamonds because they have different cuts and sizes. Non-fungible goods can’t be copied or substituted. 

A non-fungible token or NFT refers to a unique digital good that can’t be interchanged or replaced with anything else.

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NFT Ticketing

Offer Unique Perks at Your Events

Tickets can be so much more than just tickets. Create, mint, and monetize NFT tickets, encoding exclusive event experiences for your attendees.

Use NFT tickets to register, validate, engage and incentivize your audience, generating unique memories at every stage of their experience.

Smart Tickets
Design New Solutions To Promote Your Event and Engage Your Attendees

By replacing regular for NFT tickets, you’ll unlock new marketing and engagement opportunities, redefining and enriching your virtual and in-person attendees’ experience. 

Allow your attendees to win a meeting with a VIP speaker
Earn a royalty fee when your attendees resell their event tickets
Generate experiential and collectable art with your NFT tickets
Encode unique perks and event surprises via your NFT tickets
Get your attendees to re-use your NFT tickets for other purposes
Join the Web3 movement and operate based on digital ownership
NTF Certificates

Generate attendance certificates

Use blockchain technology to generate digital tokens that prove people’s attendance at your events. Your attendees can request a badge or an attendance certificate and receive it as a token they can collect.

How Does It Work?

MagicWorks developed Blacksmith, a multi-chain smart contract platform allowing brands, companies & creators to generate NFTs and integrate them into their business, marketing, sales, and advocacy strategies.

Ongoing Development of NFT Use Cases

Smart contracts and NFTs are emerging technology, enabling new engagement and marketing possibilities. MagicWorks collaborates closely with brands to develop new NFT use cases, widening companies' options for differentiation and growth.

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